Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Stood outside in a thunderstorm

Nothing on but a cross and an old t shirt

Leaving the past in a separate direction

My mind has gone and left three days before

I’m no longer here, letting the rain sting

My body aching with every negative feeling

Pitch black nobody can see my plea

The flash of lightning reminded me

Just how quick he gone and left

Broke me in half and twisted me around

“There is no cure for the cold hearted”

And threw me out in the streets to feel

Just as the dirt in mud and a dog on the street

The thunder roared leaving me on my knees

There was no chance of hope for a bitter girl

Left on the street with a scolded temper

Taking one step towards no particular answer

A bit of warmth peered from the darkest of skies

The sun poked through and took my soul

Finding a reason I was looking for