Saturday, 31 May 2014

Of All Political Things

There’s a huge part of me that wants to write about all the political things. I may have strong opinions and biased views but at least when it comes down to the vote, I won’t have much to complain about. I think there’s a whole section in my brain dedicated to the passion I have for standing up for what I believe is right (whether it is or not, is not up to me). I want to blab all about my position on the political scale & why I firmly plant my feet there and welcome others to join with me. But that’s not the right way of doing things unfortunately [it’d make things so much easier if everyone would just think like I do ;)]. So, rather than wrangling up people to join me and shoving beliefs down people’s throats (ahem, Justin Trudeau), I can either convince them through words, or I can try to convince them by living out my life with what I believe. I’m going to try to do both.

DISCLAIMER: If you’re offended by my views; there’s this button at the top of your browser that looks like an X. Yeah if you click that then you won’t have to hate me. Because frankly, I won’t be apologizing. :) YAY


I have seen numerous posts on facebook, twitter, etc and posters around the city that bash privatization, praise unions, and condemn a free-market society. I’ll touch base on each one of those but right now I want to clear something up real quick.

For those rolling their eyes at this post and stating, “well of course she’s pro-privatization, she’s in business” you are only stating half the truth. Each and every single one of us; whether you’re a full time mom, CEO of a corporate company, or even a student – we are all “business people”. ANY ONE PERSON (excluding monsters and aliens) who uses transactions for buying or selling goods is participating in business. The only difference between your socialist ways and ‘my’ way is that I like to have full choice on my benefits and you like to have other people to decide what is and isn’t good for you.


Let’s talk about healthcare. It is evident that there is some serious issues with the Canadian healthcare system. It is everywhere, and I never fail to hear, “I wish the government would do something about this”. My response is this: (1) The government cannot help this situation. They actually have LESS control than what you and me have. After all, we, the people, CHOOSE to vote what goes in and what comes out.  (2) The Harper government HAS been trying to do something about this since the day they’ve been elected. However, unfortunately, due to the socialist brainwashing damage that’s already been done, the passing of “privatization of healthcare” has yet to go through.

So now you’re probably saying, “there’s nothing good about the privatization of healthcare”. Well, hold that thought, and read what I have to say about this, using myself as an example.

I am just an average, low income student. I use the current Canadian healthcare system to my advantage. Instead of my prescription being $97.50, it is only about $11.70. This is great to me! It is not ‘free healthcare’ technically speaking, because I pay for this through my income tax. But, it’s worth it because what I pay in income tax usually balances out how often I need a prescription or need to see the doctor. However, say I needed a tumour removed – it is likely that I wouldn’t be able to have the surgery for up to 2 years or more! Why? Due to the overcrowding of hospitals, limitless waitlists, and understaffing. This is truly a consequence of a public healthcare system.

The solution? There needs to be a balance of both public and private healthcare. It’s a complicated setup but a simple resolution.

Getting back to my example about if I had a tumour. With the current system, I could essentially die waiting for the removal of it. Which unfortunately, happens to many. However, for a giant fistful of cash, I can take a flight to the United States, get my surgery done right then and there, and be on the road to recovery immediately.

So. Being as poor as I am, I do not have that fistful of cash I need. This brings privatization into the equation. Now you may be asking, “privatization has a lot more cost to it than public healthcare!” and you would be right. However, if I was rich, I would not care of the cost if it meant the survival of my life! That, you cannot argue. The conclusion? Having both healthcare systems in place will save lives. Having the people who are able to afford their health can do so immediately, which no longer upholds the waitlists of poor people like myself. Therefore, it is more efficient, it’s fair, and it’s socially just.

So why is this not happening? Because the people of this society have been taught the socialist idea that privatization is an evil word.

 Being another name on a waitlist is what is truly evil.


A fairly recent topic that’s been labelled a “crisis” across the news is the fact that Canada Post will no longer be doing Door-to-Door delivery. First of all, please allow me to get out of my system right now how ridiculous I find the people who outcry about this. Dear ridiculous people, you do not have a real issue. Your argument of your “rights” are being “taken away” is just a sad case.

Delivery to your house is a privilege. It is not a right, folks. Do these people know that rural routes such as small communities, towns, and shockingly even some cities do not have house delivery? Do the same people know that it’s costing the government thousands and thousands of taxpayer dollars to have this service?
I believe that main argument the people make is, “what about grandma? She will no longer have independence since it is a difficult task for her to pick up her mail elsewhere”. Why is this argument invalid?
Because, frankly and unfortunately, if grandma is unable to go to the end of the block on her own to pick up her mail (yes, block! Canada Post has mail boxes on EVERY block), then perhaps grandma lost her independence a long time ago.

I do not mean to say that lightly, but it’s the truth. And unfortunately, it’s the cold hard truth that many people need to face as it is a reality – a fact of life. And it’s going to happen all of us.

Door to door delivery does not make economic sense anymore. Perhaps at one time when it didn’t put the government in the hole and when the population was much smaller in number than it is today, then perhaps yes, it was an a great service – a grateful privilege for those who received it in cities – but times have changed, and so has business.


I have much more to say on unions, minimum wage, and other wonderful things that I want to make a point on, but for another day :)

In the meantime, talk to me. Leave me comments, text me up, message me on facebook. Feed me your input and ideas.
Let’s talk politics.

Friday, 9 May 2014

20 second red lights & changing my life

20 seconds. That’s how long it will take you to wait at a red light at the intersection of Park & Dewdney at 9:25 pm on a Friday night. I’m sitting on the deck off of my backdoor right now facing a dark alley listening to Z99’s top hit list and the sound of rubber on pavement travelling at 100 km/hr on ring road. Since I live upstairs of a duplex, I feel safe sitting out here at night. The night crawlers of the evening cannot eat me when I’m a story high in the air. Haha J

It’s a rather quiet night in my neighbourhood. Besides the minuscule traffic noise, it reminds me of taking walks in my small town either by myself or a pack of friends late on summer nights. It makes me miss it. But reminiscing does that to person. I am thankful I am in Regina now. I’ve met some great people while living here and I think despite the freedoms of small town living; I can get over myself, and accept the timed green, yellow, red. I’m already in love the clink clank of the train passing through every five or so minutes at night; the horn blaring, playing as my lullaby. I find it now that without the noise pollution that the trains creates, it’s incredibly hard for me to fall asleep. Call me crazy, but I’m just an honest person.

I’m not sure how much longer I can last out here. It’s getting a little chilly – even with two shirts and a sweater on. But I refused to stay in my dark, stuffy room when I know I have a porch light outside and that air is fresher. City fresh that is. But that’s as good as it gets and I’m okay with it.

If you were to ask me at the beginning of the week if I was looking forward to staying in Regina over the summer, I’d shrug my shoulders at you and give you a “I don’t know, don’t ask me questions that I don’t know the answers to” look. But if you were to ask me the same question tonight, I’d smile at you. I have a good feeling about it. God has put some great people in my life and I know that I can benefit from it.

Mmm… someone’s doing laundry. Saying “mmm” is a weird thing to write but something about taking in the sweet smell of Tide and Bounce is refreshing to me. Someone has some serious motivation to get their laundry done on a Friday night. But what do I know about motivation; I’m sitting on my deck freezing my toes off while I write on a virtual piece of paper because I’m too lazy to do much else. Ooohh, an alley vehicle creeper. Some movement down yonder!
Nevermind. It’s just my neighbor that I’ve never met that pulled into their gravel driveway.

I can’t remember nor do I feel like checking (another reflection of my self motivation) if I mentioned that I joined a Young Adults group. I joined back in February or so and I only have one regret about this – that I didn’t join sooner. I would go as far as saying that it’s changing my life. There’s some great people in that group and I’ve never felt so much encouragement in my life. I find though, that sometimes when I think about it too much (which is often – too often), or look into the bible study deeper than need be, I begin to doubt more and start to convince myself indirectly that it’s just another distraction in my life. It’s a struggle. But I’ve just learned recently that I have support I need. I guess that’s what makes it good for me.

There must be a flashing bright billboard or a streetlight that’s shorting out 45 degrees from where I am. Every once in awhile I think I’m showing signs of a seizure or seeing the blinding gates of heaven out of the corner of my eye. It’s an annoyance! A quirk of the neighbourhood I’m in. I should be thankful. At least I’m not a short kilometers north in the redlight district of Regina. Sketchy stuff.

On second thought, I don’t think that’s Tide detergent. Maybe Gain, or another brand I don’t use.

Time to go in to see if the suffocating air has exited my room. Maybe I’ll even turn my light on.

Goodnight Regina! I hear my train coming.