Monday, 10 December 2012

Who are you ?

Expose yourself

Strip down the layers of your mind

Break it down into bits and pieces

Emotions, thoughts, actions, all different places

Find the different groupings, set them each apart

Force yourself

Rip open your secrets

Spit out your confessions

Lies, truth, guilty pleasures, all of your possessions

Take them into account, deduct the penalty

Uncover yourself

Reveal your true visions

Peel back the sugar coat

Violence, anger, impatience, all hating comments

Stare into them, make them their weakness

Unearth yourself

Dig out your deepest sentiments

Sink into your honest darkness

Confidences, defiance, rebellion, all the immaturity

Share your attitude, make it only temporary


Discover yourself

This is who you are.