Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Silly writings

Live... Someone's Watching

No matter the size of crowd,
give your best show.
Life is an open stage,
with you - the only character.
Always Smile.

Feel the spotlight's warmth,
it's consistently reminding you.
You are apart of this earth,
create your own role - don't find one.
Laugh often.

Allow your body to talk,
it has it's own unique performance.
Be patient with your voice,
not all words can express feeling.
Speak up.

Choose your act wisely,
it will easily define personality.
Never forget to show emotion,
after all - the director chose you specially.
Love deeply.

Live on,
Someone's always watching.

Overwhelming Actions

Use gasoline, burn pictures.
Stomp your feet & throw fits
Shout hateful words, slam many doors.
Fight for decisions made & talk with bloody fists

Bash all the doubters, smash a pane of glass.
Kick in the wall & feed off anger
Scribble away the madness, rip several papers.
Run from the problems & drive from it fast

Perspirate every frustration, scream from the throat.
Break a stick & throw a few stones
Pull feathers from pillows, clench teeth hard.
Close each eye & allow every tear to fall.

Light a match,
Throw a punch,
Kick violently,
Scream. Louder.

BUT- Forgive aggressively.
let everything else be temporary.


Anonymous said...

wow your such a good writer and very poetic!!!

Harmony said...

did you write this haley? If so why don't you and cory get together and write a cd??? The best idea harm has ever had lol, o o o can i be in your cd??? pretty please?!?!?!?!?

Sheree said...

Great job!!! I love reading your writing i just don't get much time to read it but when i do i read a few entries. Your fantastic!