Friday, 6 January 2012

Midway Sleep

While the world sleeps
My circus is just beginning
With each thought having it’s own parade
Marching down their restless way
Like a hallway of never ending blues
I cover my eyes with layers of blankets
Trying to drown out the imaginary lights
From the past to the desperate future
All sorts of emptiness is filled with everything
With the clock burning each taunting minute
Reminding me of how quick emotions shift
The questions swirl and dance around
Like an unwanted, sickening feeling
Looking to escape this ring of fire
My strategy is only an exaggerated illusion
Counting each blessing, I close my eyes
Jumping in with only a fool’s gamble
I pick my prize of forty winks
But the night’s trickery is the supremacy
And forever it will always be
I lie awake, knowing fair well
I just lost biggest reward of all
Tonight’s rest.


Sis said...

why are you so dam good?!

Sheree said...

Your writing and your thinking continues to amaze me!

Aunty Bonnie said...

Hope you have a better night tonite, if not get up and write some more.Awesome.