Sunday, 27 January 2013

Quick Update on Life

I’ve been staring at the “What’s happening, Haley?” in the status box on facebook for awhile. I have a million answers for that question yet I don’t think anyone, including myself, wants to hear what I have to say. Many things have to do with what I’m actually thinking (which 9 times out of 10 is anger/frustrations I have), other things are about the future and what’s in store for my millionaire self, and strangely enough there’s a part of me that wants to write questions to God. Ellen Degeneres’ stand up comedy is so accurate – what if you could have a phone call with God? I don’t think I would be alone when I say my question would have to be… what is my purpose? – “Hey God, it’s Ellen *long pause* …. Ellen Degeneres?….” Hahaha classic.
So, facebook, this is what’s going on.

I have accepted my admission into the U of R. I will be taking Business Administration with a (possible) major in Marketing in the Fall. I’m going to rich, world, don’t you doubt it. I’ve been offered a whopping $3,000 scholarship (Centennial Merit Plus) just as an automatic. I had an opportunity to accept an additional $3,500 in scholarship funds ($6,500 in total) IF I had agreed to taking my first year at Great Plains College as a U of R student however, I painstakingly declined it. Most people will call me crazy, but I had already had my mind set in Regina and I wasn’t about to break a promise with a friend who had plans to live with me. You also can’t put a price on family :) I’m currently filling out more scholarship applications but it’s been a slow process.

I’ve been busy with basketball. Between helping coach the Jr. Girls and commitment with my own team, my time has been essentially based on’ ball time’. Which I have to admit, I sometimes hate. The attempt to try to balance between ball and school seems to be an impossible task. It seems like I can’t be committed to both at the same time. It’s either half committed to ball or half committed to school but never at the same time - if that makes any sense. But either way, I don’t have time for the main thing about these two things. Myself. It sounds selfish, but time with myself is soooo important to me. It’s things like this, blogging, or journaling, or sleeping, or walking my dog, or whatever, that I know I *NEED*. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so crazy/irritated/grumpy gills with everything lately.

I have my grad dress (yeah! An actual dress!). Anybody that actually knows me, knows that this is a huge achievement for me. It’s also a color that you’ll never picture me wearing either! Yep, it’s magenta… aka dark pink for all who are like me and have no idea what proper color/dress/girly/prissy words mean. :) Crazy, right? hehe. – No, I don’t have an escort yet haha.

Just today, I applied for a summer job. I wanted to broaden my resume a bit so I thought I would apply for something I haven’t done before. I have my fingers crossed for employment with Honey Bee Manufacturing Ltd! If I get a position there, it’ll be my eighth job I’ve had since I was eleven. So broadening, yes! I decided I didn’t need to stress about having three different jobs again this year so I just did it. Also wanted to be home for the last time to help out with mom and be with my Gracie. No regrets.

Our Quebec/Ottawa trip is coming up soon. It feels like we’ve been fundraising for this trip FOREVER. COME SOONER EASTER!! Thanks to all who’ve supported our fundraising efforts! It helps us greatly in terms of financially needs! Woot woot. What a great community. :)

That’s all I can write for now! 


A Allen said...

Awww you seem to be making all the right choices Haley, you got a good head on those shoulders alot of great parenting went into raising you!!! Good luck in all your endeavors you are already much further ahead of the gameplan your on a mission! Can't wait to hear of all your future adventures!

M Smith said...

Thanks for the update Haley! You are such an amazing/special person! (pink/magenta/fushia who cares about terminology! Lol) The world is a big open pool of possibility and options for you! Can't wait to see where you take you! :) M

Auntie Bonnie said...

And you look FAB in that dress I might add. Can't wait til you are in Regina kid.