Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Running Away

I think I know enough now to know both worlds
The village, an isolated community
A city, the building prison.
The prairies are a trap of their own,
The golden blanket acting as no escaping gate
You could run for miles and still be seen
A neighbor will always be there; waiting, suffocating.
Whether it’s for condolences or judgemental gossip
Documenting every aspect of your life,
you cannot avoid. There’s no running away here.
Your story is always told,
Even if you are not there
The urban place is like an untamed zoo
People in a rush to do the same things,
A daily routine – work, sleep, maybe eat.
There is no time to waste,
When you’re already wasting time
Wait, stop. Red light. Am I choking?
Look at the buildings, topping over you
Is that the sun or a dim streetlight?
As if you’re trapped in a revolving door, not knowing
Caught staring, at the outside world.

Are you going to come with me?

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