Saturday, 1 August 2015

A Little Summer Breeze

Since I have this weird tonsillitis going on that doesn't let me sleep, I'll let you know what I've been up to. This spring/summer I decided I wanted to keep on track with my program I'm enrolled in and take a full load of classes rather than work full time over these 'free' four months. Perhaps my decision would be different if online classes were available for business school, but unfortunately in-class was the only option. For a little cash on the side, I've been writing reviews for music. It's not much but it's enjoyable to hear new and different bands and it's quite easy to write a quick opinion on each track. Oh! & I'm also excited to announce that I will officially have my diploma in 21 days time.

What I've been appreciating most is that my parents brought up my bike here from home and I've been taking pleasure in doing that. To bike from my place to Wascana park takes about fifteen to twenty minutes, depending on the traffic lights. It's really beautiful and I enjoy it every time I ride there - which can take up to an hour or so if you pedal the whole lake. The geese in the city are like cattle in the country - you can get fairly close to them and they don't really freak out. It's pretty cool. Maybe I'm just a geek and enjoy these little things haha.

Other than spending July 1st at the lake with family, I haven't done anything too exciting. I did however, get invited by my cousin to attend my first ever concert; Ed Sheeran! I was really grateful for the opportunity to experience it. Thanks Tara!

I've only made one or two trips home since April, but my mom did spend some time with me here in the city for a week. That was really a good time and I felt really at home with her here with me. When it's just us, we can take our time and do our own thing and not be in a rush to get things done. Love you mom!

My sister and I were planning on doing a quick overnight roadtrip with each other this weekend but both of us were blindsided with illness. Hopefully we can make up for that before the summer is over. Meanwhile, antibiotic on!

I've also been taking part in church shopping with Brittany which is some good cousin-sister bonding time that is much needed by the end of the week. So far we've tried out a good handful of churches but I haven't been dead-set on one so far. I do really like attending the Ap on Saturday nights though. The worship team(s) are yet to be beat! Sooo good.

I've also became friends with some really great people this year! As much of an introvert as I am, I still enjoy spending lots of one-on-one time with my closest friends. Each of them is unique and close to my heart. Between church dates, biking, picnics, movie dates, and late night chats, phone calls, rider games, letter readings/writings,and  exhibition entertainment, facebook sticker wars, and snapchat giggles, young adults gatherings, the odd IVCF meet up, and planned get togethers I admire each and every one of these friends. I wish I had always this kind of love in my life! If someone could tell me I'd find genuine relationships eventually, perhaps I wouldn't have been so miserable in highschool! But nevertheless, no regrets.

Before the summer is over, I'd like to also make it out to Regina beach at least once. I also plan on going to the Regina folk festival in two weeks time to enjoy some Vance Joy! I'm pretty excited for that. I also have tickets to two more Rider games which I'm also looking forward to. Kent & I also plan on going to the band "Lights"at Wascana at the end of August as well as Praise in the Park in September. Other than that, I think my entertainment financial budget is pretty well sucked dry for awhile. All worth it though :) 110%. Money is great, but memories last much longer than any cent would.

Send me a message sometime! I would like to chat with you a little too much :)

Leave a comment if you like Milky Way. This is pretty much a threat.

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Good blog post. I enjoyed reading it and looking at your pictures