Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Which is sadder (if that’s not a word; it is now) : a mindful of thoughts but no words to spare, or a million words spared but no thought at all? I’ve wanted to write for awhile but I can’t decide if I have a thousand things to say, or nothing to say at all. If I really am excited about all these things going on in my life, or no absolute feeling about them.
I think I have decided that I will be applying for Business Administration in the incoming year. It seems to just stick when I think about it. For those of you who have no idea what that is, it basically is classified as a mid-level management (or in operational) processes of a business. The majority of the business administration career is used for leading and controlling specialized sections of a business that help to progress the basic day-to-day operations. I think it sounds like me. All I really want, really, is two things: 1) Be in control. 2) Make so much money, I start making furniture out of it. :) Legit. If the interest is not there when I try this out, then so be it. - I’ll apply for something else. But I have to choose something or I’m never going to get anywhere.
Off topic:
I found another inspirational person on this earth. Robin Lim. I didn’t know a thing about her until one night, mom was watching CNN Hero of the Year on TV. I actually wasn’t planning on watching the last 10 minutes with mom when I sat down on the couch, but this woman had caught my eye as soon as the camera zoomed across the audience. I don’t know if it’s because maybe I had seen her face before, or if there was just some telepathical, crazy signal coming to me saying HEY, WATCH THIS. Soon enough whatever his doll face name is, awarded this Robin Lim with Hero of the Year. I watched as she gave her speech, not knowing what she had done. The first line she spilled was enough for me to burst into tears (and I am not one to admit I have tear ducts). After the show was over, I had to google more about her. Here is a very SHORT but never ending list of who she is.
Robin Lim. A mid wife and founder of Yayasan Bumi Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth Foundation) health clinics, which offer free prenatal care, birthing services and medical aid to ANYONE who needs it. In case you missed it, it says TO ANYONE WHO NEEDS IT. Since 2003, herself and the team combatted Indonesia’s high maternal and infant mortality. She has been accredited for the help of educating birthing services and delivering healthy babies to thousands of low-income mothers. She saves lives. Not just one young life, but thousands. Here’s her website: http://www.bumisehatbali.org/ . Seriously, check it out. It makes you feel good, knowing there is still Good left in this world. “Every mother counts, and health care is a human right.” Iu Robin Lim.
Side tracked again.
For those of you still reading this (and have a single care left in you :) ), I’m starting a new trend. It goes like this: as long as you have a job (or are going to school), have a hobby, and some sort of daily fitness (sports, workout,etc) program, you are allowed to live you life on three basic questions:  1) Is this what I want? 2) How much do I want of it? 3) Do I want this now? For example, (one I use on a daily basis) *looking at chocolate* 1) Yes, this is what I want. 2) I WANT ALL OF IT !!!! *t rexour noises* 3) Oops, I already ate it. I think this trend is gunna go global. :D YES, I WIN AT LIFE.
Who was your latest inspiration? Leave a comment.

P.S. Decemeber events to be written ASAP ! :D Also, check out video of the week!! (on the side)


Bonnie said...

Yes, you do win at life. Good on you Haley.Love it.

aa said...

That is awesome...you must feel better knowing what you want to do when your done school that is. The TV documentary you watched sounded interesting I will have to Google her watch the link. enjoy your holidays kiddo!