Thursday, 1 December 2011

Wonderful Excitement

Since it's the first of December nobody can bash me for anticipating the next best season of the year. So far, we've only put up the garland and rope lights for outside. Soon the actual house lights will be hung, the tree decorated and everything will be awesome. As soon as the ice plant dude starts that bad boy up at the rink, I'm digging out my skates! Perfect timing for snow here too. We got a good size bucket of snowdumped on us the night before last, preparing us for a winter blast. Well, besides the icy roads that is....

I've already got the majority of my presents wrapped. A small group of my friends and myself decided we should do a Christmas exchange. I'm literally sweeping the money right out of my bank account. My poor summer sweat and tears. :( It's okay though; because I know it's going to worthy enough friends. :)

I also got invited to an "All Girls Christmas Party" out at Hope's home, which I'm suppose to wear an ugly sweater for! There is also a Chinese *gift card* exchange which reminds me, I still have to get one. That should be interesting! Haha, I love the Christmas season :D Hmmm... where to get an ugly sweater....

Christmas Banquet is on the sixteenth which should be a good time. I got myself a pretty good escort anyway :P I think the entertainment this year is a comedian, which will definitely be a switch up from last year when some of us got hypnotized! Ahhhh, so funny. THERE'S BUFFALO OVER THERE !!!

Christma priority movies: The Grinch, Home Alone, Home Alone II, Santa Clause, Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and a whole bunch of others I have forgotten about.

Our family is hosting Christmas this year so that should be different. Not much to do in a small town but it doesn't exactly matter when you got a big family right in front of you. We've got tons of board games to master, air hockey, movies of course, wii system, mini stick floor hockey in the basement, skating, chatting and other things I'm sure we'll come up with. Harm and I got a giant cleaning list we have to go through before we can even think of having people over! :( Boo. Oh well, just two more weeks of tackling school and basketball and the fun is mine! Muahaha. Yes, I WIN.

Countdown: 24 Days.


Anonymous said...

YAY FOR DECEMBER!! I'm actually ready for it this year all my christmas presents and bought not wrapped yet though but you are making me wanna warp them and get the tree up :P I got my eyes on a big inner tube to tie up behind kevins quad and go for a rip!! Sounds like your Christmas will be kickin'! Me and Kevin will be here and there and here again we will be makin a lot of miles, but gotta see both families. It sure gets tough once you have a significant other but wow do i eat eat on christmas eve then dinner christmas day then again in the evening christmas day i'm gonna gain the pounds! Thats what happens at christmas though right getting together with family and friends and eating and playin games?! Sheree

Tara Leigh said...

Don't forget the movie Elf! And Scribblish....awesome fun! Can't wait!