Sunday, 15 April 2012

Summer Excitement & Highschool Hate

If you aren’t excited for summer, I think you’re crazy! I’ve got things set and it’s only a matter of organizing and planning. I applied for 3 jobs thus far; The Housing Authority – lawn maintenance, etc (the wage is AWESOME!), the Aquatic Center, and to read water meters for the town. So far I only know I’ve gotten the job with the Housing Authority (which I’m really excited about) and I’m feeling very confident with getting employment with the pool again (still have my fingers crossed for full time though :S) however I’m not sure about the water meter job. I’ll also be putting up posters for my lawn mowing again for the 3rd year and Interior Car Cleaning for the 2nd. These were the two deal breakers for me last year; loved it! My dad recently purchased a hot water pressure washer at an auction sale a week or so ago, but we’ll see if the town water is good enough to do vehicles with. So in all there’s really 5 jobs that are potentially set up for me.
I’m starting to get out of the busy months of the school year so I’m feeling less stressed and more in control. It’s almost a daily struggle for me to not let my feelings push me into actions, which in reality are bad habits… I have to constantly remind myself, “Just be patient. Just be patient”. Does anyone else find just being in control the hardest part in a day? Not that I’m shooting bullets in people’s faces every day, but more like shooting my own face every day; does that make sense? I wish happiness could be bought off a shelf, because I definitely would be the first in line.
Another thing I really wish is that I could graduate this year. Not for the decorations or banquet or fancy speeches or dresses or anything like that, but just to get out of that school. I’m not going to dwell on it, but cut it short to this: I’m sick of the people and their BS. People are always telling me “oh don’t say that, enjoy it before it slips away because you’ll wonder where the time went” pffft whatever. I might have a bad attitude but they have worse lies.
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