Sunday, 26 February 2012

Old entry #4 - Hating my own Attitude

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Hating my own Attitude

Lately, I have been catching myself being so miserable. I literally had to stop myself mid sentence in countless conversations and say aloud, "Why am I talking like this?". After taking a moment and realizing the reason why I was, I took the initiative to stop the conversation and say, "I'm done." I get so frustrated with the situation or problem or myself, that all I could be is simply angry. Meanwhile, I was forgetting that I was only making the scenario worse, by acting so. Why? Why do I insist on making that choice to do so? I believe that it is because I have been doing it for so long, that I have gotten immune to my own outbursts, negative thinking, and attitude.

It is only recent that I had decided I wanted to TRY to be satisfied, grateful, and happy. (i.e. Satifraction blog). I have realized I am exactly who I don't want to be. Maybe that is why I dislike people who are this way - because I am really just them.

I can't even remember when I didn't speak or think the way I do. It seems like even in my elementary grades I was always angry. It didn't help that I am so self conscience about, well - everything 'me'. At the time, there were only 3 other kids in my grade; a set of twins and little Noah ;) hehe. The thing was; I was always two feet taller than them (until grade seven/eight or so). No, that isn't an exaggeration. Of course, since I was way bigger than them I was outrageously embarassed. I was always the slowest, least athletic kid in phys ed class - which class I loved dearly but could never really enjoy. My first mistake in elementary school: taking all this anger out on them. Not in a bully sense, but more as in 'taking charge'. I NEEDED to be the leader in everything. I think there is a kid in every grade that's like that. :(

About grade six is when I grew out of that nonsense. It is a regret I still have plunged in the back of my mind. I suppose at that time I had realized that wasn't who I wanted to be or be remembered as. After all, it was the last year we were going to be enrolled in our small town school - it was closing. More anger grew inside of me after we were shipped over to our new school... more blame, more hate, more regrets were formed during the next years.

I think the past year or so I have improved muchly in the sense of my outbursts and pessimism acts. I know I am my own problem. I know I want to change and be different. My issue now is exactly what this blog is about:

Secret anger.

I hate. I scowl. I regret. I keep all the impatience inside me.

And I don't even know why.

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