Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Ten Reasons Why I am A Shameful Person

I made two mistakes tonight. The first mistake was deciding to lay down at 5pm for a little cat nap. The next and most vital mistake was ignoring my 6:15pm alarm. My little catnap turned into hours of supremely amazingly awesome deep precious in-love-with-my-bed kind of sleep which involved some drooling… (not to mention a break inbetween to watch Amazing Race Canada!)

So here I am! 1:00 a.m. and ready to take on the day! Good thing my classes don’t start for twelve hours *sigh*. Time for some frothy milk. I’ll get back on ‘normal’ sleep schedule tomorrow; don’t worry mom.

Don’t really know what to talk about. Hmm… I refuse to complain about how things don’t go my way anymore (surprise – did you see that coming?),I  don’t want to talk about the weather because that depresses everyone, and I don’t feel like typing out what I did all summer because I’m not sure if that would take too long or take too little. Confusing, I know. And if people actually care – that’s the underlying question with everything.

What about another top ten list? That seemed to be fun last time. How’s this:

Ten reasons why I’m a shameful human being:

1.       I have eaten cereal three times a day just so I didn’t have to do dishes. On more than one occasion.

2.       I am Queen when behind the wheel. Red light – your fault. Didn’t turn on your signal light on? Your fault. I cut you off completely? Your fault.  I won’t let you in when you’re coming off an exit? You’re problem. Going too slow? Your fault. I’m going too fast for you? Your problem. See where I’m going? I’m a bit of a jerk sometimes.

3.       I only drink milk out of a glass maybe 10% of the time. If you come to my place – don’t have milk if you don’t want to get cooties.

4.       No matter how hard I try, I cannot force myself to come to like raw vegetables.

5.       When studying, I come up with the most inappropriate acronyms to remember things that I wouldn’t even be able to admit it to my best friend let alone a pastor.

6.       I’ve definitely ordered pizza delivery… just for myself.

7.       I’m such an awful person that I’ve yelled at elders before to hurry up and cross the street (don’t worry, at least my windows were rolled up). Thanks a lot grandpa for teaching me to say, “hurry up you old bitty!” when I was only three years old (at that time, no, the windows were not rolled up) oops.

8.       I have no problem telling people to be quiet if a good song comes on the radio. (I’m starting to think I just have no sense of respect while in a vehicle… hmmm)

9.       I’ve definitely gorged down an entire ice cream cone in the driveway before. No explanation necessary. Oh, while on the topic of food, I’ve also shoveled in an entire bag of popcorn before even the trailers hit the movie screen.

10.   I’ve definitely had to wash the same set of clothes in the washing machine five days in a row just because I kept …. “forgetting”…

What’s your top ten? List a few below in the comment section so I don’t feel so weird about myself :)


Rhonda said...

I can relate to a lot of things..Lol

King Doobie said...

These are all reasons why we love you.