Monday, 10 October 2011

Opting Optimism :)

When the sky is no longer blue,
do not ration dark for eternity.
The clouds will part,
and the stars will speak to you.
No matter what harm or fear that dreams,
only yourself can hurt your faith.

Be hopeful.

The brightness from the light will charm,
bringing all success and prosperity.
Allow the confident thinking brew,
while embracing the gentle midnight howl.
Do not give up on your heroes,
for they're searching for their own inspiration.

Be patient.

Seek your own peace and salvation,
as it is near, you will feel soon.
Fight for what is right and true,
you can conquer anything what you put your mind to
Look deeply, your vision will show
all can be true 

Only if you want it to.

Believe. Always.


Harmony said...

i really enjoy this, wow good!

Bonnie said...