Saturday, 25 February 2012

Old entries #2 - Yes, I am satistfied.

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Yes, I am Satisfied.

It is amazing how difficult it is for me to say these words. Am I grateful for the things I can and are able to do? Perhaps. If I really think about it. I suppose I tend to avoid being grateful of who I am, seeing only what I can not do. I think most people are like this. Are we pessimists? Or do we only think like them. Most people would say it is the same thing, but I disagree.

Pessimists are people who think negatively, act negative, and talk negative - ruining their days, even life. They do not believe the problem is themselves, but everyone else. People who are stuck between pessismism and reality often consider themselves "realists". We see things completely differently then pessimists. We know that we are our own problem. We know we choose to see that single cloud in the clear blue sky. We let pessimism thoughts take over our life. The problem is, we do not know how to fix this state of mind. We want to see the sun. We want our reality to be different. We want to change. But we don't know how to be grateful.

How can we truly be happy in life, when we are blinded by the negative? Yet we choose this. We have trained our minds thinking it's so much easier to be bummed out by that one cloud or that one comment someone said. This is definitely not a healthy way of thinking - or living. We need to start not only seeing the sun, but feeling it. The warmth is much more comforting when we feel it on our own. We can no longer rely on others to keep us "warm" or happy. Sure, it's nice having someone to talk to about the good things in life but that's only temporary. They cannot talk to you 24/7 for the rest of your life. YOU have to talk to yourself, saying "yes, the sun is out. I can feel it and I am grateful."

I have started to come out of the "realist" state. It's not an easy thing to do. Especially when I think I'm doing better and then all of a sudden, when I'm not the least bit prepared - I'll get that one comment from someone letting pessismism thoughts and feelings back into my life. No. I have to say NO to these things. I have to ask myself, "what am I truly grateful for?" "Why am I blaming the pessismist for my thoughts?". Being a realist is a choice. And I am now saying No to this. I want happiness! YAY FOR BRIGHT RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS. :) haha

So how satisfied am I right now? A fraction. I cannot be truly satisfied until I start feeling the sun again. Right now, I can only see it. I'm starting though; now it's your turn. I am grateful for this SatisFRACTION :) Are you?

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