Monday, 20 February 2012

Tips for relieving an injured shoulder

I haven’t posted in awhile, but I do have legitimate entries coming out of the yin yang; just need more time to finish em up. So I decided that I would quickly write this up so this blog doesn’t die out on me.
About two years ago, I partially dislocated my shoulder and it’s been a reoccurring injury ever since. I haven’t exactly found a solution (if there is one, even) but I found some temporary fixes that help with re-strengthening, etc. If you have specific exercises for an injury that work, leave a comment please!

Haley’s Top 10 Steps for treating a dumb shoulder

1.  Next Day physio therapy. It’s painful but relieving the very next day. I see Colette Anderson. She’s awesome. She does everything from teaching me most of the exercises below to ultrasound to acupuncture. I must admit, I was skeptical to the whole acupuncture thing, but I’m telling you, it does work!

2. Bandage the ball of the shoulder by pulling it back (Colette does this for me). I find it helps with my treacherous posture and helps keeping it from moving around too much. I leave it on for about a week as you can shower with it on, etc. This helps with playing sports too, as I’m moving my shoulder around a lot.

3. Ice until it’s numb, then have a really hot bath with Epson salt – mainly to reduce swelling.

4. Exercise it as soon as possible! The first thing I try to do is just pull back my shoulders as if trying to push my back in. Once I’m able to do that without too much pain, I stand in a doorway and put both arms parallel to the frame, pushing against it as hard as I can – this is mostly for the muscles in the upper arm.

5. Strengthening bands work well if you keep it up. I learned this the hard way.

6. Starting a lawn mower motion. Or actually go out and start your mower hahaha

7. Wall exercises. All of them, just to stretch things out and to get the stiffness out. Again, if you get lazy like me, it WILL come back to haunt you. I know, I thought I was invincible too.

8. Dumbbell weights. I like to start simple since it takes me awhile just to pick the weight off the ground let alone hang on to it for a few reps. Probably the most helpful exercise for me using dumbbells is just straightening out both my arms parallel to the ground and then lifting them up, holding, then releasing. Repeat.

9. Turpentine. This should be used immediately after the injury for relief.

10. Probably the most important is a positive attitude. If you don’t think your shoulder is ever going heal; it won’t. Guaranteed.

What injury exercises work for you? Doesn't necessarily have to be a shoulder injury.
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